China agency roster

Always focused on the motto “home in Taiwan but eye on the world”, Chanto Fluid Technology insists on Taiwan-made quality. Headquartered in Taichung, central Taiwan and backed by a network of agencies to develop the Greater China market, we offer faster and more efficient delivery and services. Please refer to the latest agency roster below.

Zhong Tuo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

0769-8160-3348 0769-8160-3349

Shenzhen Sito Automation Machinery Co., Ltd.

0755-2991-1487 0755-2991-3195

Kunshan Zhuotuo Autocontrol Machinery Co., Ltd.

0512-5782-1180 0512-5773-3473

Shenzhen Qu San Precise Mechanical Co.,Ltd

0755-2815-0893 0755-2815-0872

Chanto Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

021-5956-8592 021-5956-8903

Please contact directly your regional agency for information and thank your for the continued patronage.

We have noticed pirated Chanto products on the market. While taking seriously such illegal activity and may proceed with legal action, we urge customers to look for only Chanto products marked with anti-counterfeit logo.